Marais and Grobler consolidate their leads

Stuart Marais and Rouxda Grobler consolidated their leads in the Quattro ROAG Series powered by Momentum when they won the men’s and women’s 60km races respectively at the Kamberg Classic on Sunday, to each add a second victory in the series.

The two winners of the Virginia Race the Trails event last month showed on Sunday in the Kamberg race that they are as comfortable with the hurly-burly tactics of physical racing as they are in the time-trial style of the GPS-based event at Virginia Trails.

On Sunday, Marais (Team NanoTime) was forced to work hard to beat off the challenge of Brendan van Eeden (VNQSH) and was only confirmed as the winner over the last 100 metres after the pair and Michael Foster (Tipping Point Coaching) fought out a tight battle for the entire 60km route.

The three riders broke away from the lead group over the second half of the race and it was soon clear they had locked up the podium positions. But Marais was only able to make the decisive break as they reached the final kilometre and he was then able to hold off Van Eeden in the final twists and turns into the finish while Foster was forced to settle for third.

Tyronne White (DriveTrain Academy) and Andrew Hill (TIB) crossed the line together in fourth and fifth, with rising star Matthew Scott forced to accept a place outside the top five. The Absolute Motion youngster broke his chain in the closing kilometres but still managed to freewheel the downhills and run to the finish to edge out his teammate, Unathi Nxumalo, who has just returned from last weekend’s cross country World Championships in Europe.

In the women’s event Christie Hearder (Absolute Motion) started as the marginal favourite, but everyone was aware that Grobler (DriveTrain Academy) had claimed a convincing win at Virginia and an enticing battle was anticipated. The pair swopped places for the lead in the early skirmishes and the predicted clash looked to be building into something exciting, even though Grobler had the upper hand with a small lead at the second water point just after halfway.

But fans were robbed of any dramatic racing when Hearder took the wrong split after the water point and finished on the 45km route, leaving Grobler to race to her second victory in the 2021 Quattro ROAG Series powered by Momentum, and the Ballito resident is now sitting with a big lead in the series.

The ever-consistent Hayley Smith (Bell) was second, four minutes behind, with Sanchia Malan (Index) third.

For Hearder, the error — which she described as a “stupid mistake that was my fault completely, the marking was clear, I just did not look properly” — means she probably cannot afford to be beaten by Grobler more than once more in the series if she wants to be sure of defending her overall title.

Rouxda Grobler from Ballito (left) and Stuart Marais from Howick emerged as the champions of the Kamberg Classic MTB & Trail on Sunday. Photo: Tim Whitfield (ROAG)

The 14km trail run on Saturday was an easy triumph for Ian Dickinson who cruised home in a blistering time of 1:04:20, with Greg Botha second and Bevan Carr third.

In the women’s race, Tarryn Both edged out Sarah Gray with Alison Wasserfall third. While Gray was beaten on Saturday, she still holds a healthy lead in the series thanks to her victory at Virginia and is on track to defend her overall trail running title.

Leading Results

1 Stuart Marais 2:27:08
2 Brendan Van Eeden 2:27:15
3 Michael Foster 2:27:19
4 Tyronne White 2:32:32
5 Andrew Hill 2:32:37
6 Matthew Scott 2:36:20
7 Unathi Nxumalo 2:40:38
8 Brad Thompson 2:44:27
9 Brent Yelland 2:46:00
10 Grant Lavers 2:47:28
1 Rouxda Grobler 3:02:08
2 Hayley Smith 3:06:27
3 Sanchia Malan 3:32:23
4 Belinda Mason 3:42:37
5 Brenda Potts 4:13:31


1 Justin Swanepoel 1:49:46
2 Connor Steytler 1:52:49
3 Sean Yelland 1:53:56
4 Miles Liebenberg 1:57:54
5 Joshua Metcalf 1:57:54
6 Nicholas Burczak 1:58:35
7 Sven van Zuydam 2:00:11
8 Joshua Page 2:04:04
9 Travis Hesom 2:04:28
10 Matthew Holloway 2:05:40
1 Riley Smith 2:15:16
2 Amber Cole 2:28:56
3 Storm Langley 2:30:08
4 Jo-Anne Rogers-White 2:41:31
5 Bianca Uys 2:43:40


1 Joshua Paul 0:54:03
2 Joshua Johnson 0:54:07
3 Seth Aszalos 0:54:15
4 Kai Broom 0:59:01
5 Cade Smith 0:59:56
6 Elliott Metcalf 1:00:19
7 Cameron Mackridge 1:02:30
8 Troy Cole 1:03:01
9 Max Johnson 1:03:03
10 Andre Van Vuuren 1:06:51
1 Errin Mackridge 0:55:36
2 Jodi Mackinnon 0:59:55
3 Madison Bateson 1:00:06
4 Jenny Church 1:10:49
5 Sophie Bircher 1:13:47
6 Tyla-May Smale 1:18:39
7 Louise Perry 1:23:34
8 Lynette Yelland 1:24:05
9 Elizabeth Burczak 1:24:40
10 Jean Coleman 1:24:57

Trail Run

1 Ian Dickinson 1:04:20
2 Greg Botha 1:10:03
3 Bevan Carr 1:12:15
4 Grant Langley 1:18:27
5 Warren Enslin 1:23:19
1 Tarryn Botha 1:13:45
2 Sarah Gray 1:15:52
3 Alison Wasserfall 1:22:21
4 Storm Langley 1:28:09
5 Hayley Mackinnon 1:28:14


1 Ben De La Porte 0:22:31
2 Michael Gavran 0:22:32
3 Charli Mlotshwa 0:22:39
4 Joe Moore 0:34:48
5 Matt Moore 0:34:50
1 Hana Newlands 0:31:21
2 Paige Jansen Van Vuuren 0:35:06
3 Alma Van Heerden 0:35:31
4 Nicole Bodmer 0:35:37
5 Claudia van Vuuren 0:37:10

Marais and Grobler consolidate their leads
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